Safe Ministry

City on a Hill is committed to being a child-safe movement of churches.

The care, safety, and welfare of children is embedded in our policies and practices and reflect our commitment to zero-tolerance of child abuse.

When Jesus spoke the words, ‘let the children come to me and do not hinder them’ (Matt 19:14) he set the benchmark for us.

We want our churches to be communities where children and families are welcome and participate fully; where children and young people are fully engaged and have every opportunity to flourish and grow; and that are safe places and without barriers that harm or hinder children and young people.

In all our actions and programs, we seek to maintain high ethical standards and work in accordance with child-safe practices and child protection requirements. The participation and empowerment of all children is a consideration in decision-making, as we look to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children are respected and listened to.

We have zero-tolerance of child abuse, and all allegations and safety concerns will be treated seriously and consistently with our strong policies and procedures. We have legal and moral obligations to contact authorities when we are worried about a child’s safety, and we follow this rigorously. We are committed to preventing child abuse and identifying risks early, and removing and reducing these risks.




We welcome feedback and reports on any matter. If you wish to make a complaint, report misconduct (by staff or volunteers), give us feedback, advise of an occupational health and safety issue, make a report of harm to children, or any other matter please use the form below. You can also make a report by emailing or calling 03 8609 3180.