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Melbourne West Church


9am, 11am, 6pm & 8pm (AEDT)


Each Sunday we host "The West Weekly" at 11am on Zoom to hear from God’s word, sing, pray and spend time in community. Contact us for more details of how you can join in.

These services seek to complement the movement digital gatherings, which meet at 9am, 11am, 6pm and 8pm (AEDT) at

For the first six years of our church, we’ve gathered as a community at Hoyts Highpoint each Sunday. That’s obviously not possible during these strange days of lockdown - but we still find plenty of ways to connect!

Log on and you’ll find a vibrant community, drawn from every age and stage of life. All are welcome, so we’d love to meet you!


Throughout the week our Gospel Communities gather to study the Bible in a small group, ask questions and do life together. Normally they meet in homes around Melbourne’s western suburbs but during lockdown they meet online. Either way, these communities of life, love and mission are a bedrock for our church, and many deep friendships are formed.

Find a Gospel Community that suits your schedule today!


We are passionate about seeing the next generation know Jesus and make Jesus known, and so we have always sought to provide teaching and training for our kids. When meeting physically, that means our City Kids program, which caters for creche, pre-school, and primary kids. During lockdown, we have a special digital show, called CKTV, which provides lots of fun for the whole family!

We also have Zoom catch-ups on Sunday mornings and bible studies for middle-school children on Sunday afternoons; if you think your child would be interested, contact us for more details.


City Youth is designed to form a community for your teenagers that they love being a part of and want to invite their friends along to. We think it’s important to provide a space where they can have fun, build friendships, and ask deep questions about life and faith. City Youth meets throughout the year on Friday nights, and has moved online during lockdown. To find out more email us below.


We have lots of families at Melbourne West, and we know some of the challenges facing young mums – and so we’ve set up a Gospel Community specifically for mums with young kids. We normally meet at a fantastic local neighbourhood centre in Newport - but during lockdown we’ve moved online. For more details email us below.


We want to support you in your Christian faith, and so training is integral to our mission. We offer a variety of training events and courses which can encourage and equip you in growing your faith. These include Introducing Jesus - our Christianity course, women’s events, men’s events, and a Marriage Preparation course. Our goal is to disciple and equip everyone at City on a Hill to know Jesus and make Jesus known.


Prayer is fundamental to the Christian life, and so we want to provide space for all people to speak with their Creator. We have regular Zoom prayer meetings 7.30am Monday to Friday, and it’s a wonderful way to spend time with God and get to know others. If you’re keen, jump on to Zoom link.

We all have different challenges and opportunities in life, and we want to provide support and care through every season. If you’d like to speak to someone please get in touch.


Our mission is to ‘know Jesus and make Jesus known’ – but how do we actually do that? SALT is a training program designed to help everyday people get excited about their faith and learn how to share it with others. For more details email us below.


Many Rooms is City on a Hill’s mercy ministry - a practical expression of care and support for those who are disadvantaged and vulnerable in our city. It operates across all City on a Hill churches, through our national-based programs; The Living Room and Care Pack Initiative. In addition, our Melbourne churches work together to serve Melbourne’s homeless and disadvantaged. Normally, our Many Rooms Kitchen, provides nutritious meals and community for Melbourne’s homeless and disadvantaged on Friday nights and Saturday mornings. However at the moment our  Kitchen is closed and instead we are delivering meals and care packs to the vulnerable we know.

Find out about how you can get involved and explore your gift of service and mercy through Many Rooms.

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Jesus invites us to be used by him in building his church. Whatever your background or skill set, there is a place for you to contribute by using your gifts to serve.


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God invites us to worship him in all areas of our lives, including the way we spend our money. Your generous giving fuels the health and growth of City on a Hill Melbourne West.


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