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Explore the meaning of life

An 8-week journey to find answers for life’s biggest questions

A Non-Judgment Environment to Learn Together

Address Burning Questions About Faith & Meaning

Live With Clarity
& Purpose

Since the beginning of time people have been asking the hard questions.
And rightfully so.

Where did we come from? Where are we going? Is there really just one life we get to live? Is there order to the universe? Is there a God out there? What’s the meaning of it all?

Life doesn’t have to be a mystery. Everyone should have the chance to explore faith, ask questions and share their point of view.

Let’s do a deep dive together with Alpha.

Alpha is an 8 week journey exploring the Christian faith. This journey consists of:

Meet up with people at a location near you

Many people have questions about the Christian faith. You can meet new people who are on a similar journey and find answers together at a location near you.

Weekly meetings for short films & live discussions

Over 8-weeks we gather to watch short films that introduce the big issues about what Christianity is and what it means to be a Christian. Inspired by the films, we’ll talk through what we’ve heard and questions that are raised.

An all-inclusive safe environment

You’re in a safe environment to ask questions, share ideas and talk through your thoughts without being judged. You can say as much or as little as you like. It’s up to you.

How it works

Sign Up to a Location
Near You

We hold meetings in different locations throughout NSW, VIC and QLD.

See You For Your
First Session

Immerse yourself in deep exploration each week with specifically designed videos and live discussions

Explore Faith &
Find Meaning

Who knows? You may be able to make some life changing decisions with all that you’ve discovered!

Your life’s too precious to ignore asking the important questions

Modern life is so fast-moving that it’s easy to become numb to it. Many people go through the motions until they hit a major crisis and then have nothing to help. You deserve to be able to have the resources you need to be able to thrive, regardless of what’s going on in the world. The 8-week Alpha course gives you an opportunity to ask and find answers to life’s big questions. So you can stop going through the motions and start exploring life and the Christian faith.

Alpha is a judgment-free safe environment for you to ask all the questions you want

Many people have questions about life, faith and God but are scared of being judged by the questions they have. You deserve to be able to talk openly about your thoughts, questions and ideas. The 8-week Alpha course gives you an opportunity to ask and helps you find answers to life’s big questions in a judgement-free, safe environment. So you can explore life and the Christian faith and get answers to the questions you have.

Weekly Sessions

Over the 8 weeks you will explore a range of questions in each weekly session, including:


Is there more to life than this?


Who is Jesus?


Why did Jesus die?


How can I have faith?


Why and how do I pray?


Why and how should I read the Bible?


How does God guide us?


How can I resist evil?

What past participants have to say about Alpha

“Alpha was like a book you can’t put down, each week more riveting than the one before.”
“Alpha gave me the freedom to explore God in a safe environment.”
“Alpha cleared up misconceptions I had about the Christian faith.”

“God has written eternity on our hearts. In every human soul is an awareness that we are made for something more. Whether you’ve grown up going to church or given up on religion a long time ago, we each yearn for that which explains and transcends this world. Alpha is a brilliant way for people to ask big questions and explore the true meaning and purpose of life.”

Guy Mason
Senior Pastor of City On a Hill