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Pursue Jesus: The way, the truth, and the life

We are City on a Hill: Melbourne East, a Christian community that exists to Know Jesus & Make Jesus Known.

Visit this Sunday at 9am or 11am (Phoenix Park Community Centre).

Find Real

Meet the
Real Jesus

Be Formed
for Real Life

Maybe you have a positive view of Jesus and spirituality, but at some point in your life, you’ve decided that Christianity is not relevant for you.

44% of Australians believe their local Christian church has a positive impact, even though they know very little about the church. While being spiritual might generally be perceived as a good thing, actively investigating Jesus or engaging with church is often put in the ‘too hard basket’ as life goes on.

Family commitments, work pressures, money concerns are all things that can prevent us from facing deeper questions and realities. But some part of you longs for more. For truth to speak into uncertainty. For community to replace isolation. You want to find the meaning in life.

Let’s move beyond a domesticated suburban church experience

We love our Sunday church services but more broadly we want to trust and follow Jesus, wherever he leads. Following Jesus is not safe and comfortable, but it is life-giving and purposeful.

We want to help you decide if following the way of Jesus could become the centrepiece of your life too.

Jesus has disrupted my life and shown me how much I need him.

He offers us freedom, forgiveness and life to the full. We want you to know that too.

Nick Coombs

Lead Pastor – Melbourne East

What it’s like to be part of our community

“I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the bible and grown immensely in my relationship with Christ. To be a part of this growing community where I am being equipped, supported and challenged to share the Gospel to those around me has truly been a blessing.”
“City on a Hill: Melbourne East is a place where everyone is welcome to be part of a community that seeks to know Jesus. We enjoy the biblical teaching each week and having the opportunity to serve our community to spread the love of Jesus.”
Luke & Shehara
“Sunday is my favourite day of the week because I get to go to church and worship God with a wonderful, diverse group of people. I feel loved and seen at City on a Hill: Melbourne East.”

Three ways to get involved in our community

1. Visit this Sunday

All are welcome! You’ll encounter Bible teaching, engaging worship, a kids program, and a friendly community.

2. Join a Gospel Community

Gospel communities are our mid-week small group gatherings where we discuss the Bible together. They are perfect for building deeper connections with people and engaging with the teaching of Jesus.

3. Pursue the Real Jesus Together

Find meaning and purpose by knowing Jesus and making Jesus known alongside others. Discover the certainty and hope that comes from anchoring your life in Someone greater than yourself.

Attend an event

Listen to a sermon

Listen on your favourite podcast app

Serve on the mission

Jesus invites us to be used by him in building his church. Whatever your background or skill set, there is a place for you to contribute by using your gifts to serve.

Give to the mission

God invites us to worship him in all areas of our lives, including the way we spend our money. Your generous giving fuels the health and growth of City on a Hill Melbourne East.

Get to know your team


Lead Pastor

Nick Coombs

Nick is the Lead Pastor of City on a Hill Melbourne East. He loves Jesus, is passionate about connecting deep theology with everyday life, and eager to make a difference in the time he has by helping plant as many churches as possible. After Jesus, Nick loves his wife Jules, and his two kids, Axel and Aria. He holds an MDiv from Ridley College, is an ordained Anglican minister and gives too much of his time to fantasy sports.


Executive Pastor

Neil Castle

Neil is the Executive Pastor of City on a Hill Melbourne East. He is married to Kirsty and has two children. He loves music, playing guitar, and wrestling with his kids. Neil has a Bachelor of Theology from Ridley College, and a Diploma of Music from Box Hill Institute.


Associate Pastor (Community and Missions)

Patrick Donohoe

Pat is the Community and Missions Pastor of City on a Hill Melbourne East. Pat is passionate about Jesus and passionate about people. His heart is for searching people to coming to know Jesus, as well as helping Christians grow in maturity through their faith walk linking theology with life. He is the husband to Carly and father to two children. Pat loves wild cooking and trying to source his own food from the outdoors.


Ministry Coordinator

Julie Ko

Julie is the Ministry Coordinator at City on a Hill Melbourne East. She enjoys journeying alongside women to help them grow in their affection for Jesus, and delights in seeing children develop a wonder and trust in God. Married to Brian and mum to two boys, she appreciates meaningful conversation over a chai latte steeped with real leaves and spices.


MTS Apprentice

Kenji Foliente

Kenji is an MTS apprentice at City on a Hill Melbourne East. He studied a Bachelors of Commerce/International Studies and worked in the financial services industry for a few years before taking the leap into starting the ministry apprenticeship. In his spare time, Kenji loves acquiring new hobbies – particularly if it involves running and sport. As a maturing young adult, he is naturally transitioning into playing golf.


City Kids Coordinator

Kerri-Lee Corkery

Kerri is the City Kids Coordinator for City on a Hill Melbourne East. She loves working with children and partnering alongside parents to help disciple their children’s hearts. Kerri has always worked with kids from the age of 13 when she started teaching piano. She is married to Marshall and together they have five children, four girls – Dayna, Taylah, Hailey and Sienna and then God finally blessed them with a boy, Jaxson. With the blessing of so many children, Kerri felt the call to be a big part of how kids are taught about Jesus on Sundays in a way that is fun, engaging, and deep. Outside of children’s ministry, Kerri loves to play the piano when her kids give her a chance to do so. She loves playing basketball and the beach is her favourite place to spend time with God.


Associate Minister

Rosalie Marshall

Rosalie is an Associate Minister for City on a Hill, Melbourne East, where she has fellowshipped since the start of 2018. She is slowly working through an MDiv at Ridley College, and served previously with AFES at Monash University Christian Union. Rosalie enjoys learning languages, cooking, and spending time near water and trees. She is passionate about seeing the global church well-equipped to know Jesus and make him known in their different contexts, and is prayerfully considering serving in cross-cultural mission in the future.


Services & Events Coordinator

Steph Hill

Steph is the Services and Events Coordinator at City On A Hill, Melbourne East. Steph is passionate about the picture of the church painted in the bible as the body, family and bride of Christ. She also spends part of her week teaching teens and pre-teens how to sing at local schools. Steph holds a Master of Music Studies in vocal pedagogy, and is currently studying a Graduate Diploma at Ridley College.

We’re part of a larger movement

One Movement,
Many Churches

Currently, City on a Hill exists across 10 local churches, in 6 cities, and three states. Our Melbourne East church began in 2017.

Know Jesus and
Make Jesus known

Our churches are united around this mission. We want many to experience the life-giving and life-changing joy of knowing him.

10 Cities

City on a Hill’s vision is to reach 10 cities with the beauty, truth and relevance of Jesus, by planting 50 churches.

Visit this Sunday

We meet at 9am & 11am at Phoenix Park Community Centre, Malvern East.

Come along to our friendly, diverse and Jesus-centred gathering. All ages and all backgrounds are welcome! There will be a Bible-talk, prayer, singing and a kid’s program.

At Phoenix Park there is plenty of parking, a cafe, and a playground. Plus it’s conveniently located to the M1 freeway so wherever you are in south-east Melbourne, we’re not far away.

Get Directions

Frequently asked questions

What should I expect on Sunday?
On Sundays we gather together to be built up in the good news of Jesus. We learn about him from the Bible, we sing, pray, confess, repent, and forge friendships with one another. We have a creche (10 months+) and City Kids program (3 year olds+). Everyone is welcome!
Is there a kid’s program?

Yes! We are passionate about seeing the next generation know Jesus and make Jesus known. We want to partner with you in raising little followers of Jesus. Each Sunday during the school term, City Kids gathers for a full program during our 9am service, and a scaled back program at the 11am service. We have crèche available for 10 months to 3 years, and Kinder, Junior and Senior Primary age groups.

If you’re new to City Kids, please come a little early to sign in your children before the service starts and to meet some of the team, or you can pre-register your details at

Follow the City Kids signage to the appropriate location for your children’s age.

What should I wear?
We dress pretty informally, kind of like what you would wear to catch up with your friends.
Can I just show up on a Sunday?
You sure can! No need to let us know you’re coming, but if you do let us know we can save you a seat, and make a plan to connect with you before or after our gathering.
What denomination of Christianity are you?
City on Hill: Melbourne East is part of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.
What is your vision?
City on Hill’s vision is to reach 10 cities with the beauty, truth and relevance of Jesus by planting 50 churches. Our vision at City on a Hill: Melbourne East is that we will be a “city on a hill” (Matthew 5:14) where people encounter the real Jesus and join in the work of building our church. In time, our prayer at City on a Hill: Melbourne East is to plant multiple churches in Melbourne’s east and south-east..
Why plant new churches?
Church planting is one of the most effective ways to build new disciples of Jesus. New churches are new communities, and therefore new opportunities for people to connect or reconnect with the good news of Jesus in community. New churches also stretch Christians to depend on God and live on mission, sharing the good news of Jesus with others.
Can I invite others?
Absolutely! The more the merrier. No need to let us know.
What is the gospel?
The gospel is the good news of Jesus’ perfect life, sacrificial death and victorious resurrection. God created us and our world and it was very good, but all of us, by nature and choice, have turned from our Maker, living life our own way. In response, God sent His Son, Jesus, to live a perfect life in our place, and die a sacrificial death, paying the penalty we deserve for our turning away. Jesus rose again, physically in history, assuring us of His grace, forgiveness and defeat of death. By trusting in Jesus, we receive his perfect life and are adopted into God’s family. Those in Jesus are heading toward an eternity with Him, as God redeems all things in a new heavens and new earth.
What do you believe about the Bible?
The Bible is God’s revelation to us. The words of the Bible are divinely inspired and without error. The Bible is sufficient for knowing God and equips us to live like we were made, reconciled to God and walking with Him.
What’s my best next step?
The best thing to do to find out more about City on a Hill: Melbourne East is to come along on Sunday and get to know our community. We host regular Newcomer Dinners where we can unpack with you the history, vision and mission of our church, as well as ways to get more connected. We would love to have you help us build our church and together, know Jesus and make Jesus known.

Discover the way, the truth, and the life

Visit this Sunday, we’d love to see you.