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Jesus invites us to work with him in building his church. We all have a part to play, using the gifts God has given us, to serve his church. At City on a Hill there are a range of volunteer opportunities to suit people of all skills and levels of Christian maturity. This page contains all you need to know about applying to serve in a ministry role at City on a Hill.

Serve at City on a Hill

Whilst there are many ways to serve at City on a Hill as a volunteer, for the purposes of ministry safeguarding practices we distinguish between two categories of volunteers: Team Members and Ministry Leaders. There are different background check and training requirements for each category.

Team Members

There are many opportunities to serve as a team member in a range of volunteer teams, including: welcome and host teams, music and bands, audio, visual and lighting teams, hospitality, logistics, creative, and communications.

Ministry Leaders

Ministry Leader roles are those which have an input in the spiritual life of people in our church community or minister to vulnerable adults. Ministry Leader roles include: Gospel Community Leaders, City Kids and City Youth Leaders, Pastoral Care and Prayer team members, Alpha Leaders, Worship and Service Leaders, Mentors and those overseeing volunteer teams.

Ministry safeguarding

City on a Hill is a movement of churches committed to actively living out our love to God and to our neighbour. We strive to be a Christ like community that protects all people, particularly the vulnerable. Jesus calls us to be the light of the world, a light that shines into the darkness of this world, which cannot be hidden, a City on a Hill. As part of this shared commitment, all leaders and volunteers who serve in ministry are expected to:
  1. Uphold the Volunteer code of conduct.
  2. Complete the safe ministry disclosure.
  3. And complete required training relevant to specific roles, as outlined below.

If you have any questions regarding this, the City on a Hill Compliance Director can be contacted via, or speak to your local ministry overseer.

How to apply for a team member role

1) Speak to the staff at your local church about volunteer roles available or view the opportunities and express your interest at

2) Carefully read the City on a Hill Volunteer Code of Conduct and then affirm your commitment to uphold the code and complete the safe ministry disclosure questionnaire via this form.

3) Complete the Safe Ministry Essentials online training course (approximately 1 hour) via this link.

How to apply for a ministry leader role

I want to serve in

Complaints and incident reporting

City on a Hill welcomes reports of concern on any matter, regardless of the level of evidence, including complaints, allegations of misconduct (against staff, volunteers or attendees), breaches of a Code of Conduct or other policies, health and safety issues, reports of harm to children, privacy breaches, disclosures of abuse or any other matter and commits to address the concern according to the relevant City on a Hill policies.

If you become aware of misconduct or abusive behaviour it is critically important that you report this as soon as possible. You can make a report via our online form or by calling our independent professional standards body, Kooyoora, on 1800 135 246.

More information can be found on our safe ministry page.

To report Occupational Health and Safety Incidents and Hazards use this form

Any adult who forms a reasonable belief that an offence has been committed by an adult against a child has a moral and legal obligation to report that information to police. Failure to disclose such information to police is a criminal offence in NSW, QLD and VIC.