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The Surf Coast can feel like heaven, but it’s not

We are City on a Hill: Surf Coast, a Christian church that exists to Know Jesus & Make Jesus Known.

Visit this Sunday at 11am (4 Lower Duneed Rd, Mount Duneed).

A Fresh Start

Follow The Way
of Jesus

Live With Truth
And Meaning

We live in a beautiful place, but life is not always beautiful

Just because you’ve come to the Surf Coast for a lifestyle of joy, doesn’t mean all your problems go away.

Life is chaotic: full of work-pressures, family-responsibilities, relationship-dramas, and money-stresses. There are endless things to distract and entertain, but where exactly is the good life found?

Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Maybe you want to investigate Jesus or reconnect with him. Maybe you’re considering visiting church for the first time, or the first time in a long time.

Is learning about Jesus in community the missing ingredient to the life you long for?

Find what you’re searching for

Each of us is longing for something. Deep rest. Loving community. Genuine belonging. A joy-filled life. True spirituality.

At City on a Hill: Surf Coast we know that with Jesus each of these things can be found.

The search is over.

We’d love for you to join us and discover the good news of how.

Our identity is shaped by the good news that even though we fail and are flawed and were destined for death, God sacrificially forgives and loves us and gives us his life.

Because of his love for us, we love him and also seek to sacrificially love each other

Louis Glazebrook

Lead Pastor – Surf Coast

What it’s like to be part of our community

“So glad to find a church that has a strong word-based focus. Services are engaging, worship is phenomenal, and church members are friendly and inviting.”
“City on a Hill: Surf Cost is a wonderful church. It has a friendly, warm feeling to it when you come to the church and has a special way of making everyone feel welcome.”
“Such a welcoming church. The teaching, the music, study groups, run/walk groups, book club, kids church and other ministries offer something for all.”

Three ways to get involved in our community

1. Visit this Sunday

All welcome at our outdoor service! Expect a friendly community, bible teaching, worship songs, and a children’s program.

2. Join a Gospel Community

Our small group mid-week gatherings are perfect for engaging with the teachings of Jesus and making deep friendships.

3. Make life in the Surf Coast truly beautiful

Navigate the ups and downs in authentic, consistent community. Find meaning and purpose by knowing Jesus and making Jesus known.

Attend an event

Listen to a sermon

Subscribe on your favourite podcast app

Serve on the mission

Jesus invites us to be used by him in building his church. Whatever your background or skill set, there is a place for you to contribute by using your gifts to serve.

Give to the mission

God invites us to worship him in all areas of our lives, including the way we spend our money. Your generous giving fuels the health and growth of City on a Hill Surf Coast.

Get to know your team

Louis Glazebrook

Lead Pastor

Louis Glazebrook

Married to Esther and father of three girls (Evelyn, Audrey and Winifred) Louis is the Lead Pastor of City on a Hill Surf Coast. The story that God has written for his life has thus far seen him enjoy a country upbringing, service in the army, working as physiotherapist and now most recently completing an MDiv at Ridley College. A few of his many weaknesses include caramel slice, boys toys, and not putting away his shoes.

Natasha Belousoff

City Kids Coordinator

Natasha Belousoff

Natasha is the City Kids Coordinator at City on a Hill Surf Coast. She is married to Joash and has 3 kids – Noah, Levi and Emily and have been part of the Surf Coast church since it was planted. Natasha has a passion for teaching and discipling kids using creative means to instill the word of God into the hearts and minds of kids. She also has a desire to create and foster intergenerational discipleship within the church family. In her downtime she enjoys reading, exploring Surf Coast’s beaches and a good cup of coffee!

We’re part of a larger movement

One Movement,
Many Churches

Currently, City on a HIll exists across 10 local churches, in 6 cities, and three states. Our Surf Coast church launched in 2019.

Know Jesus and
Make Jesus known

Our churches are united around this mission. We want many to experience the life-giving and life-changing joy of knowing him.

10 Cities

City on a Hill’s vision is to reach 10 cities with the beauty, truth and relevance of Jesus, by planting 50 churches.

Visit this Sunday

We meet outdoors at 11am at 4 Lower Duneed Rd, Mount Duneed.

It is a welcoming, easy-going gathering, with a Jesus-centred bible talk. Bring a chair! And depending on the weather bring some shade, a blanket or umbrella. We love and value children.

The first Sunday of every month is an intergenerational service that involves all ages.

Get Directions

Frequently asked questions

Why outdoor church?

So many benefits of being outdoors together!

  • We live here because we love the outdoors!
  • The relaxed vibe.
  • Shoes are optional.
  • The seating is always great, because you get to bring it!
  • Camp chairs have cupholder and we get to use them during church!
  • Some weeks we have a fire pit.
  • When it’s a wet and ‘drive-in’ church, I can talk during the service.
  • I get to sit in the back of my van, car or ute. #vanlife
  • My kid’s get to run and play and adventure outdoors.
  • My dog can even come to play and adventure outdoors!
When to arrive?

It’s best to aim to come 5-10 minutes early so you can park, set up and settle in.
If you’re earlier than that you’ll have time to grab a hot brew!

What to bring?

Always welcome to bring with you children, friends and even dogs.

Each week:

  • seating (camp chair / bean bag / lazy-boy)
  • snacks
  • brew mug

When it’s dry/warm:

  • sunscreen (slip/slop/slap)
  • water bottle
  • insect repellent

Just like when you go to the beach.

When it’s wet/cold:

  • More clothes (layers)!
  • blankets
  • brolly
  • phone / portable radio (for drive-in Sunday)

Just like when you go to the footy.

When it’s wet:

When it’s wet, we adjust our space to be a DRIVE-IN CHURCH. Tune your car radio into 89.5FM

Our Sunday church gatherings will still happen even in the rain. Time together will only even be cancelled only if the weather poses a safety threat.

In the rare event that a Sunday gathering is cancelled or location changes, subscribers to our EMAIL / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK will be updated.

We’re a church for all seasons of life and for all seasons of the year!


  • Turn off engine an all lights. (Most cars will still allow their radio to be turned on with the car off)
  • If you’re car-radio does not work with the car turned off: Turn car to accessory mode (one turn of key) and switch off everything in car (fan, AC, external lights, internal lights, accessory power cords) and run only the radio.
  • Alternatively if you have an Android phone: you can use the FM tuner to link into the frequency through your phone.
  • Alternatively you can bring a portable radio for in your car and completely save your car battery – just in case!
    Can the whole family come?

    Absolutely yes. We’re a family friendly church family and we love that our kids get to also be a part of it. Parents are however required to supervise children at all times.
    We do not want any damage to other people, to the building and to the equipment because children have been left unattended.

    What about my dog?

    You may bring your dog as long as it is on a short (less than 2m) lead at all times and it cannot enter into the chapel building. Doggy doos must be collected; families play on our grassed areas!

    If a dog becomes aggressive or fights with another dog whilst on the venue, the owner will be told to immediately remove their dog from the venue.

    Dogs classified as “dangerous” or “restricted”, and dogs needing to be muzzled, are not permitted.

    We invite you to follow the way of Jesus in a welcoming community.

    Visit this Sunday, we’d love to see you.