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“Unless you see signs and wonders you will not believe.”
– Jesus

The Bible tells of Jesus’ miraculous works…The paralytic healed. The masses fed. The sight of the blind restored. The stormy seas calmed with a word. The dead raised to life.

Many signs of his power and love revealed, so that we might believe in Him and find true life in his name.

Will you believe?

Come and encounter the wonder of the miracles of Jesus in our brand new series, ‘The Seven Signs of Jesus’.

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Turning water into wine

Jesus performs his first miracle at the wedding in Cana, turning water into wine, revealing his divine power and initiating his ministry.

Healing the royal official’s son

The royal official begs Jesus to intervene when his son falls ill, and with a few words Jesus miraculously heals the boy.

Healing the paralytic

Paralysed and unable to walk for the last 38 years, a man is healed by Jesus in Bethesda, breaking the rules of religious authorities on the Sabbath.

Feeding the 5000

5000 people are gathered to see Jesus, and with only 5 loaves and 2 fishes to feed everyone Jesus performs a miracle and the crowd are fed in abundance.

Walking on the water

The disciples encounter a vicious storm as they attempt to sail through the night and Jesus miraculously shows up, walking on water and delivering them to safety.

Healing the man born blind

Jesus passes a blind man begging in the street and acts mercifully, restoring the man’s sight with his touch and revealing his light.

The raising of Lazarus

Death doesn’t have the final word as Jesus raises his good friend Lazarus from the dead, pointing to his ultimate sacrifice to be made on the cross.


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