Starting this Spring

Freedom of religion, refugees, transgender rights, gender equality, race relations … Where do you stand?

Whether you lean left or you lean right, we are living in an age where everything is political, and everyone is divided.

This Spring we are launching a new series called “Left and Right” where we will consider Jesus in a political age.

What does Jesus have to say about the issues of our day and how are we to respond? We will look at these together, ask questions, listen to each other, open the Bible and seek truth throughout the series.


Church and State

In a democracy we render unto Caesar not only our votes, but our taxes. Should Christians seek to impose their beliefs on fellow Australians - or should governments be allowed to legislate morality? Can Christians or churches ever honour God and break the law?

Freedom of religion

Some think the church is under siege, while others think we are just losing unfair privileges. When should we fight for religious freedom - and if so, how?

Free speech

Speech can lead to truth and life, but can also incite terror. Setting the limits is not always easy. What is hate speech and should it be criminalised? Is there a right to offend, or a right not to be offended? Is de-platforming and cancel culture dangerous for our society?

Immigration and asylum seekers

With immigration policy in political deadlock, what might thoughtful Christians say about offshore detention, migration, citizenship and multiculturalism?

Race and reconciliation

Jesus brings people from all nations together, but we still must confront the past wrongs and present realities of racism. Should we take responsibility for atrocities before we were born? Should we change Australia Day? Are we a racist nation? Can a nation be systemically racist?

Gender and equality

Male and female, God made us all in his image — but the details are complex. Should quotas be mandated for leadership roles? What about the pay gap? Should more be done to encourage women to return to work?

Right to life

The Bible sees life as a precious gift, but on the edges of life and death the issues can feel complex. Is terminating a pregnancy ever acceptable, and who should decide? Should a dying person have the right to end their life?

Transgender rights

Should children be allowed to receive treatment for gender transition - and what rights should parents have? Is it appropriate to legislate the use of gender-affirming pronouns or allow trans women to compete in women’s sports? What if we dissent?

Jesus in a Political Age

In a world that is hopelessly divided, we come together to pursue God’s kingdom, showing the world something better as we commit to a common purpose. We want to finish with the uniting vision of 1 Peter 2:9-10. Ultimately, we are God’s people, ‘a holy nation’, called to come together to ‘proclaim the excellences of him who called (us) out of darkness into his marvellous light’.