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Director of Mercy Ministries

City on a Hill

The Director of Mercy Ministries will be responsible for the articulation of the 10 cities vision in and through mercy ministry, and will work with our lead pastors, church planters, and mercy ministry teams to see active expression of the love of Jesus, meeting the needs in the communities we serve. Reporting directly to the Senior Pastor, the Director of Mercy Ministries will be commissioned to provide effective leadership and oversight of City on a Hill’s mercy operations nationally, in their support of organic and organised mercy ministry at each of our churches, and to identify and drive opportunities for ministry innovation, growth and partnership.

We are seeking a leader who:

  1. Can lead with vision and is able to develop a compelling, over-arching vision for the ministry, can effectively communicate this vision in a range of mediums and contexts, and has the confidence to attract and support gifted leaders to pursue this vision together through our churches.
  2. Is a strong, mature Christian, able to well handle the balance between mercy and mission in the Scriptures, and grasps the love of God through the lens of ​compassion and the cross.
  3. Has the experience, wisdom, and technical knowledge​ of designing and delivering mercy projects and initiatives, at scale, for impact.
  4. Understands the difference between mere action and life impact and who knows the fruit of long-run impact​ in complex ministry and outreach contexts.
  5. Has led in ​partnerships​ of trust, mutual respect, and impact, to the benefit of communities and cities.

Historically, Many Rooms Ltd. (a registered Public Benevolent Institution) has operated as City on a Hill’s expression of mercy ministry. With the appointment of the Director of Mercy Ministries, the current and future activities of Many Rooms will be fully integrated within the leadership and governance framework of the City on a Hill Movement.

This is a full-time position, ideally based in Melbourne, but could be positioned at any of the City on a Hill churches.

Applications close Thursday 24th September 2020


Executive Director – Digital Ministries

City on a Hill

The Executive Director – Digital Ministries is a significant and peak leadership role for City on a Hill, responsible for overseeing City on a Hill Digital, and facilitating the best use of technology across the movement. Reporting directly to the Senior Pastor (Guy Mason), they will lead and support the Digital Ministries Team in our vision to know Jesus and make Jesus known.

As a key leader in the City on a Hill Movement, the Executive Director – Digital Ministries will embody a full expression of our cultural distinctives and help drive our mission to know Jesus and make Jesus known.

  • Driven by gospel confidence, they will think big, take risks and pray big prayers, eager to lift up the loving power of God. Driven by a deep love for Jesus, they will want people everywhere to hear the gospel, find Christian community, and be a part of God’s work in the world.
  • Inspired by innovation and excellence, they will drive creative ways to proclaim the gospel, glorify God, and connect with people across the world.
  • Recognising the value of cultural engagement, they will embrace the opportunity to tell the timeless message of the gospel in a timely way.
  • Committed to unity and trust, they will relish the task of drawing together the diverse communities of City on a Hill to create one compelling expression of our movement. They will be adept at crafting a compelling vision, they will identify, empower and support the best people to complete the task.

This is a full-time position based in Melbourne.

Applications closed on Saturday 11th July 2020