Vision | Under the banner of knowing Jesus and making Jesus known we raise five flags for mission.

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The banner that is at the centre of City on a Hill’s life and vision and raised above all else can be summed up in this way:

“Knowing Jesus & Making Jesus Known”

We not only want City on a Hill to be famous for being all about Jesus, we want the person and work of Jesus to be famous in our city. This fame begins in our own lives, and extends into our homes, workplaces, universities and city.

Jesus’ fame is not like any other.

You can’t add to it; you can’t take from it. He is who He is—the light of the world (John 8:12). Some will receive Jesus, others will sadly reject Him (John 1:11). We want Jesus to be received with repentance, celebration and worship (John 20:28). He is the supreme and sovereign king (Colossians 1).

We believe this vision is biblical, timely, vital and in God’s strength, achievable.

10 Cities

Our Vision

Our vision will be pursued by raising up gospel hearted leaders who will plant healthy churches that will reach and serve 10 cities with the gospel of Jesus.

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Five Flags

With the banner of ‘Knowing Jesus and Making Jesus Known’ raised high, we seek to establish an additional five flags in the ground. These flags represent our key priorities. We want these flags to stand tall and be recognised from up close and afar.

These are the characteristics we want to be famous for:


Biblical Teaching & Training

Jesus is our teacher. His words are the words of eternal life (John 6). Faith comes from hearing His word (Romans 10:17). We are transformed by the renewing of our mind (Romans 12:2).

Our recognition of biblical teaching and training will be evident in our unashamed declaration of the whole counsel of God in and through our Sunday services, online media, gospel communities, song writing, courses and conferences. We not only seek to connect people to Christ, but deepen their knowledge of and trust in Christ. We want to equip people for engagement in the world.


Humble, Courageous & Sacrificial Leadership

Jesus is a leader. He is the senior pastor of our church. We want to be led by Jesus, lead like Jesus and lead others to Jesus. We will train men and women for leadership in the home, workplace, university and church.

We will stand with other leaders in the body of Christ and offer support, energy and encouragement. City on a Hill will model to the wider city a different and counter–cultural city. Within the city of man, we will shine as a city of God. We will model a gospel–centred life in the areas of marriage, sexuality, finance, community, justice and truth.


Communities of Life, Love & Mission

God Himself is by nature in community (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). We who are made in His image therefore reflect His glory by living in community, just as the Lord instructed Adam, “it is not good for man to be alone” (Genesis 2).

City on a Hill seeks to not only grow in size and influence, but also in closeness and connection.

We want to see new and current people welcomed into our midweek gospel communities that exist to serve a neighbourhood or network. These communities will be known for the life they enjoy, authenticity they embrace, the love they show and the mission they share.


Commitment to Gospel Growth

Jesus is on mission to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10). We want to follow Him.

Our commitment to gospel growth will be evident in the language we use, the life we live, the services we run, the prayers we pray, the leaders we hire, the churches we plant, the missionaries we send, the songs we sing, the courses we host, the organisations we partner with and the companies we build.


God-Centred Generosity

The generosity of God is displayed perfectly in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. His generosity is costly, indiscriminate, selfless and abundant.

City on a Hill seeks to mirror the generosity of Christ. Our generosity will be evident in our engagement with our city’s poor, marginalised and oppressed, the wider body of Christ, and the care shown towards each member of our church. Our generosity will reach the young, old, married and single and meet them in their intellectual, financial, relational, spiritual, physical and emotional needs.