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Serve in Many Rooms Living Room

‘The Living Room – Community Visitors Scheme’ plays a vital role in providing friendship and companionship for older Australians living in Aged Care Facilities, or in their own homes and receiving (or waitlisted for) a home care package. Many Rooms is one of several community organisations funded by the Australian Government to deliver this initiative. Through this service, we aim to enrich the quality of life of older people living in our communities.

We are currently seeking volunteers who can commit to building a weekly ongoing friendship with an older person, who may be lonely and isolated. Fortnightly visits are spent doing the things that the older person enjoys most—such as reading, listening to music, watching a favourite TV show or just chatting and reminiscing. Activities may also extend to going for a walk or an outing, subject to the health and mobility of the person being visited.

To make things easier for our volunteers, we match them with a care recipient in a similar location, with similar interests – we are available to volunteers and care recipients from around City on a Hill locations, including; Barwon South Western (Geelong), Metro Melbourne (East, West, South and North regions) and Brisbane (North and South regions).