Tough Questions II

In 2013 we invited you to ask the tough questions you had about God, life, faith and the world we live in. You then voted for the top 8 questions, and together we looked to the Bible to see what God has to say about our tough questions.

That series has been one of the most downloaded and discussed series in the history of City on a Hill. And this year, we’re doing it all again!

What are the questions on your heart?

What questions do your family, friends and work colleagues have about God, life and this world around us? 

You asked.
You voted.
The results are in.

Our top 8 toughest questions for 2016 are:

What would Jesus say to someone who is gay?
Why did God order His people to destroy other nations?
What happens to people who die without hearing about Jesus?
What does the Bible say about 'women in leadership'? Can a woman be a church leader?
Can a Christian lose their salvation?
If God knew there would be sin and suffering, why did He make the world?
How can Christians say they love homosexuals but deny them marriage?
Do Christians have to be pro-life? Is it ever ok to have an abortion?