The Preacher & The Prostitute

The book of Hosea tells the breathtaking love story of a preacher and a prostitute. It is a marriage made in heaven.

It's a story with all the elements of an award winning screen play. And yet , Hosea is neither a euphoric romance novel or cliche hollywood drama. It is a tale of true love which is real and raw, taking us to the height of soul satisfying splendour and the depth of heart crushing betrayal.   

Significantly, as we are given this window into the lives of The Preacher and The Prostitute we see a reflection of ourselves. Their marriage, with all its complexity, is a living drama of God's relationship with his people. 

It's a story about God's vow and His church, the bride. A bride of value and beauty, who is prone to wander in rebellion, but always in the thoughts and affection of God's redeeming love. 

In The Preacher and The Prostitute we encounter a love like no other. God's love never gives up and never gives in. Boundless and ever-present He pursues His people at all costs to capture our hearts and call us home.