The Journey of Jonah

‘Shall I not have compassion on that great city’ – (Jonah 4v11)

The book of Jonah is the remarkable true story of one man’s reluctance to trust and obey the call of a faithful God who is always committed to his people and purpose.   

Sent to the great city of Nineveh to declare hope to God’s enemies, Jonah’s stubbornness and self-righteousness will stop at nothing to avoid responsibility and thwart God’s plan. The book contains only fifty-eight verses, but those few verses include a storm at sea, the conversion of pagan sailors, a miraculous rescue, revival amongst Israel’s long standing enemy and a look at one of God’s most infamous prophets.

The narrative’s rich imagery and sudden twists and turns take us on a journey of discovery and adventure. Along the way we will come face to face with the height of God’s love and power and the depth of human idolatry and religion. 

The story not only sheds light on our own hearts and culture, but also foreshadows the greater Jonah – Jesus.