Leadership | City on a Hill is lead by an amazing team of sacrificial staff and pastors.

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Movement Pastors

  • Andrew Grills

    Andrew Grills

    Lead Pastor - Geelong

  • Dave Miers

    Dave Miers

    Lead Pastor – Brisbane

  • Guy Mason

    Guy Mason

    Lead Pastor

  • Ian Scarborough

    Ian Scarborough

    Executive Pastor – Central

  • Luke Nelson

    Luke Nelson

    Lead Pastor – Melbourne West

  • Nick Coombs

    Nick Coombs

    Lead Pastor – Melbourne East

  • Simon Angus

    Simon Angus



  • Craig Mawdsley

    Craig Mawdsley

  • Ryan Hanson

    Ryan Hanson

Central Staff

  • Alyce Supek

    Alyce Supek

    Events Coordinator

  • Amanda Warrick

    Amanda Warrick

    Many Rooms Director

  • Andrew Godfrey

    Andrew Godfrey

    Compliance Director

  • Cameron Andrews

    Cameron Andrews

    Digital Coordinator

  • Casey Aguero

    Casey Aguero

    Project officer - Finance

  • Dave May

    Dave May

    Communications Director

  • Dom Macaluso

    Dom Macaluso

    Graphic Designer

  • Ian Scarborough

    Ian Scarborough

    Executive Pastor – Central

  • Peter Hill

    Peter Hill

    Finance Director

  • Sam Low

    Sam Low

    Church Planting Resident

  • Zac Hodgkinson

    Zac Hodgkinson

    Video Producer