Leader Application

Jesus invites us to be used by him in building his church. We all have a part to play, using the gifts God has given us, to serve his church. Leaders at City on a Hill have a special role in our church and with that comes extra responsibilities.

Please use the forms below to apply to be a City Kids or City Youth Leader, Gospel Community Leader, Mentor or Intern.


After you submit your application, a local ministry staff leader will be in touch regarding the next steps. In the meantime, please review the requirements below and complete any outstanding items. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact compliance@cityonahill.com.au.

Serving with the Next Generation

Anyone involved in ministry to person’s under 18 years of age must:

Serving as a Gospel Community Leader

Gospel Community leaders are required to:

  • Apply using the forms above
  • Be in possession of a valid Working With Children Check card
  • Complete online safe ministry training
  • Abide by the Volunteer Code of Conduct

The requirements for Interns are the same as for Next Generation ministry.

The requirements for Mentors are the same as for Gospel Community Leaders.

Detailed instructions on these requirements are listed below.

Apply for a Working With Children Check

If you do not currently hold a WWCC please apply for one now. To advise us of a WWCC card please enter the details atĀ coah.co/wwcc.

Victorian Residents

Apply for a Victorian Working With Children Check.

If you already hold a WWCC, please add City on a Hill as a listed organisation on your card.
For either application above, enter this information in the Organisation Details screen:

  • Organisation name: City on a Hill
  • Postal address: PO Box 664 Carlton South VIC 3053 (note new address)
  • Phone: 03 9640 0990
  • Occupational Field: 64 Religious Organisations

VIT Card Holders

If you are a registered teacher with the Victorian Institute of Teaching you must notify Working with Children Check Victoria that you do voluntary work with City on a Hill. To notify go to service.vic.gov.au/services/teachers-notifications.

Queensland Residents

Apply for a Blue Card Working with Children Check.

If you need to tell City on a Hill your Blue Card Services account number so we can link you to our organisation, please email the account number along with your date of birth to wwcc@cityonahill.com.au.

New South Wales Residents

Apply for a NSW Working with Children Check.

Complete the Online Safe Ministry Training

The online Safe Ministry training is offered in multiple parts and seeks to explain basic principles and processes to ensure we all provide safe ministries at City on a Hill.

Victorian Residents

Details of the safe ministry training will be emailed to you after you complete the application form above.

Queensland and New South Wales ResidentsĀ 

Please complete the Awareness Course and Leaders Course if you have not already done so. Choose either Member or Leader when you log in.

National Police History Check (NPHC)

Prior to commencing the NPHC, please have ready electronic images of the minimum four identity documents required to meet the proof of identity requirements. This will enable a smooth NPHC submission online. The identity documents can either be uploaded within the web portal or emailed to policechecks@cityonahill.com.au. If you have any questions or difficulties in satisfying the Minimum Proof of Identity requirement, please email policechecks@cityonahill.com.au for further assistance.

When asked for the check purpose, please enter: ‘unsupervised contact with vulnerable people’.

Victorian Residents


Queensland and New South Wales ResidentsĀ 



Please familiarise yourself with the contents of cityonahill.com.au/safe-ministry, in particular the procedures for making reports.

Ministry Policies

All volunteers at City on a Hill are expected to comply with the Code of conduct for all City on a Hill volunteers and leaders.

In addition anyone involved in ministry to person’s under 18 years of age need to be familiar with the Code of Conduct for Child Safety and The Guidelines for Child Safety.

More policies can be found at cityonahill.com.au/safe-ministry.