Last updated 01 June 2020

Amidst the concerns surrounding the Coronavirus, we want to let you know how City on a Hill is responding. We are closely monitoring the advice from our Federal and State governments and health authorities and are seeking to be proactive in preventative strategies and future planning. As the situation changes, this page will be updated with the most up to date information regarding ministry at City on a Hill.

We are committed to doing everything we can to provide a safe environment for our church community, and to continuing our mission to know Jesus and make Jesus known in all seasons and circumstances. As Christians, this is an opportunity to look for creative ways to serve those in need and offer hope for those feeling fearful. In the midst of darkness and disease, we exist to shine the light and love of Christ.

For the latest Australian Government Health and Travel updates see:

Are Sunday services still happening?

Yes! While we may not be gathering physically, we will most certainly be connecting relationally and – by God’s grace – we will gather spiritually. All of our local churches are joining together for four services online each Sunday: 9am, 11am, 6pm and 8pm.

There are three different ways to connect and interact with our Sunday services:

Are Gospel Communities still happening?

As of June 1, both Victorians and Queenslanders are allowed to have social gatherings of up to 20 people in private homes (if physical distancing measures are observed).

In light of these developments, we believe it is appropriate for us to start working towards making physical gatherings an option for our Gospel Communities, for those who are able and eager to meet in-person.

This remains, however, a complex process, and so we are working with our Gospel Community leaders to work out what’s best for each group. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local leaders.

How can I help right now?

This is a time of great stress and potential hardship for people, and so we are committed to provide practical and spiritual support for the isolated and vulnerable in our church and the wider community. If you feel you could help with this, please fill out this form or reach out to your local City on a Hill team to get involved.

I need prayer and/or practical support

This is a unique and troubling time, where everything around us is changing everyday. One thing that has not changed, however, is the message and mission of our church. We exist ‘to know Jesus and make Jesus known’, and in this season we are determined to share the beauty, truth and relevance of Jesus for those who are spiritually, emotionally and physically in need. If you need prayer or practical support, please fill out this form.


To connect or for further enquiries, please reach out to your local City on a Hill team, head to or contact