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City on a Hill embraces creativity. We worship a creative God who has purposed us to be creative beings (Genesis 1:27). As His people we are privileged to communicate His gospel message, using the creative gifts He has blessed us with for the good of the church and to the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31). Today media is the primary vehicle for Gospel communication. Our mission is to communicate the timeless message of the Gospel to all people (Acts 1:8), while using timely, relevant, and contextually sensitive means (Acts 17). Therefore, our vision is to be at the forefront of contemporary media and communication in Australia as we seek to grow this ministry and reach as many as possible with the good news of Jesus.


Position Description

Reporting to the Communications Director, the Communications Coordinator – Melbourne will be charged as the point of contact and liaison between the Communications Team and City on a Hill Melbourne to ensure alignment across City on a Hill. Their primary role will be assisting the Communications Director in supporting the vision and mission of City on a Hill and its ministries by providing faithful oversight of all Melbourne specific communication activities for both their online presence and Sunday services.

In addition, the Communications Coordinator – Melbourne will be responsible for building and leading a Communications Team in Melbourne as the needs of City on a Hill Melbourne grows in complexity and scale.


Key ResponsIbilities

Over the next 12 months, the Communications Coordinator – Melbourne will be responsible for the oversight and delivery of the following business as usual (BAU) tasks and projects for City on a Hill Melbourne:

i. Weekly BAU


  • uploading of weekly Melbourne podcasts (via City on a Hill website to iTunes);
  • creating and scheduling of regular Melbourne email campaigns (including weekly e-newsletters, sermon series evites, events and courses evites);
  • copywriting, moderating, scheduling, and strategising for Melbourne social media; and
  • in time creating Melbourne specific content for the City on a Hill website.

Sunday Services

  • contributing to the planning of Melbourne Sunday services (including notices and spotlights etc…); and
  • setting up Pro-Presenter presentations, rostering, and training of the Vision Team in Melbourne, as well as overseeing set-up and pack-down of vision equipment.

ii. Projects

  • assisting the Communications Director in developing an appropriate Communications Procedure for all site pastors, staff, and volunteers;
  • assisting the Communications Director in producing a City on a Hill Branding Style Guide; and
  • assisting the Communications Director in creating a comprehensive City on a Hill Social Media Style Guide.

Furthermore, the Communications Coordinator – Melbourne will correspond with the Communications Director for:

  • accessing media assets for Melbourne (via Dropbox);
  • training of BAU listed for Melbourne volunteers;
  • seeking approval for any Melbourne specific created media (including print, graphics, Pro-Presenter presentations, and videos) for social media, Sunday services, and other initiatives (including events and courses etc…); and
  • monitoring of the Communications calendar to ensure appropriate events and projects are communicated in a timely fashion and in sync with other sites via social media and Sunday services.


Key Skills & Gifting

The Communications Coordinator – Melbourne must be competent in the following areas:

  • demonstrating success in project management, team building, and team leadership;
  • ability to meet deadlines;
  • keen eye for detail;
  • ability to conform to style guide requirements whilst ensuring creativity; and
  • basic knowledge of communications and media activities.



The Communications Coordinator – Melbourne will also:

  • live out an active faith in Jesus and grow in Christ-likeness;
  • actively set aside time for prayer and devotion;
  • uphold the core values and identity of City on a Hill;
  • fulfil the requirements of a deacon as laid out in scripture (1 Timothy 3:8-13);
  • attend a City on a Hill Melbourne Sunday service; and
  • meet with the Communications Director regularly for support and accountability.

This is a voluntary position for 1dpw.

Applications are now closed.

Author: City on a Hill
Published: 07 May 2015

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