City News August


A Big Month for the Gospel in Australia


The next few weeks are a time of immense significance for City on a Hill, with some exciting things coming; let us tell you about them ...

Something Bigger

7pm Thursday August 28
Hamer Hall (Arts Centre Melbourne)

The writer of Ecclesiastes tells us that God 'has put eternity into man's heart'; God has made us with infinite desires — desires that we seek to satisfy in our work, our relationships, our pleasures, and passions.

But those desires can only ever truly be satisfied by him. God has given those desires, because He wants to give us Himself; we were made by Him to relate to Him and reflect Him to the world.

God made us for something bigger ...

City on a Hill is excited to invite you to Something Bigger — a special event where we will explore the truth, beauty, and relevance that is Jesus Christ. Joining us for the evening will be Pastor Matt Chandler, an internationally renowned author and speaker, while David Martel and the City on a Hill worship team will be supporting the event. Every dollar from ticket sales will be donated towards a cause that blesses the city of Melbourne.

Churches are uniting and thousands are gathering for one moment, in one historic venue, for one extraordinary evening. Don't miss your opportunity to be part of the story.

Leading on the Frontlines

August 29-30
Melbourne City Conference Centre

We are passionate about developing leaders of humility, courage, and self-sacrifice — leaders led by Jesus, who lead like Jesus, and lead people to Jesus. We are excited, therefore, to be a part of the first national conference of Acts 29, the world's foremost church planting network.

The conference will feature world-class teaching from Pastor Matt Chandler, the Global Director of Acts 29, and Board members Steve Timmis, and Leonce Crump — as well as our own Guy Mason. These are men of character and conviction, and we eagerly anticipate what God will stir among us as they bring His word.

The conference also includes several breakout sessions, with Aaron Ivey (Austin Stone Worship) considering how to grow a culture of worship, Leonce Crump reflecting on the first five years of leading a church plant, and Steve Timmis bringing his considerable wisdom to bear in his seminar on gospel communities. The line-up also includes several locals, such as Peter Adam, Mark Sayers, Ian Harper, Murray Campbell, and our own Simon Angus, sharing their thoughts on leadership in the many complex contexts of our age, while Andrew and Heather Reid, and Dave and Wilma Fandey will seek to equip marriages and families for ministry life. It's an extraordinary line-up — the hardest thing will be choosing which session to go to!

Tickets are selling fast — be sure to get yours today!

Matt Chandler and Leonce Crump at City on a Hill

August 31 in Melbourne, September 7 in Geelong and West

After preaching up a storm at Something Bigger and Leading on the Frontlines, Pastor Matt and Pastor Leonce are staying to speak at City on a Hill: Melbourne! Pastor Matt will speak at the 9am and 10.30am services, while Pastor Leonce is speaking at our 6pm service. Get there early to get a seat! The following Sunday Pastor Matt's sermon will be played back at City on a Hill: Geelong and City on a Hill: West.

NEW SERIES: God vs. World

Starts September 7 in Melbourne, September 14 in Geelong and West

What is it with Christians? If the Bible's so great, why is it that Christians so often seem to do more harm than good? And how can Christians claim that Jesus is the only way to God, when there's so many religions? In fact, how can we believe in a God at all? Why do I need him?

These are the kinds of questions that burn within the hearts of our friends, our families, our co-workers — and even, sometimes, within ourselves. For many, these questions 'defeat' Christianity — but do they?

Join us, saved and seeker alike, as we ask these questions, and seek the truth. Will God stand, or will He fall? Is He listening — or is He dead?

Lead Pastor Guy Mason will be opening the series in Melbourne, and will give space for SMS questions as we engage with these big concepts.


This is an incredibly exciting season for City on a Hill; please join us in praying that God works through us to glorify His name and serve His Kingdom.

Author: City on a Hill
Published: 26 Aug 2014

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