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“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” - Matthew 5:14–16

City on a Hill is a movement of men and women called to know Jesus and make Jesus known. We seek to live boldly in this generation, emanating gospel light with the words we speak, the decisions we make, and the lives we live.

Our story began in October 2007 with a small team and a big vision to make a difference in Melbourne for the good of all people and the glory of God.

Meeting initially in an apartment before moving to a pub, we now meet as one church in four locations in Brisbane, Geelong, Melbourne, Melbourne West. Through the week we are committed to living lives of love, service and generosity.

Throughout our journey we’ve seen many saved by Jesus while others reconnect with Christ and His church. We have helped care for the poor, pioneer new ministries, train leaders, equip missionaries, and seen many doors opened for the gospel. We are not a building or an authority structure, but ‘a people for God’s own possession that we may declare the excellencies of Him, who called us out of darkness into His marvellous light’ (1 Peter 2:9).



10:30am,  Palace Barracks Cinemas


9am 11am,  230 McKillop Street, East Geelong
10am Wed,  230 McKillop Street, East Geelong


9am, 10:30am, 6pm,  Hoyts Melbourne Central

Melbourne East

10:30am,  Phoenix Park

Melbourne West

10:30am,  Hoyts Highpoint


Newcomer Events

City on a Hill hosts regular Newcomer Events, where you can meet other newcomers, church leaders, and hear an introduction to the life and vision of the church.

  • Brisbane


    With urban renewal, a cosmopolitan lifestyle, subtropical climate, renowned art galleries, a thriving live music scene, cutting edge cafes, and packed sports stadiums it’s easy to see why Brisbane is a fast growing city. The population is tipped to increase from 2.4 million to 3 million people by 2020.

    Brisbane is rapidly emerging as a global city: with a third of the population born overseas, a young demographic, extensive investment in infrastructure and a booming economy, it’s increasingly becoming Australia’s gateway to Asia.

    This truly is a great city! But it’s also a lost city. The number of people identifying with Christianity is decreasing and those identifying with no religion is increasing. Jesus said he came to seek and to save the lost. We believe that Jesus has many people in this city that he is calling to himself.

    As our first interstate church, City on a Hill: Brisbane is in the perfect location to reach the lost with the light of Christ in the heart of this city.

  • Geelong


    Geelong is one of Australia’s fastest growing centres, with a population set to rise from 210,000 in 2014 to 280,000 by 2030. Geelong is also a city facing significant challenges: the decline in manufacturing, and enduring poverty in some of its suburbs means that not all have enjoyed its growth and revitalisation. City on a Hill: Geelong was the first plant from City on a Hill: Melbourne and also City on a Hill’s first ‘parachute plant’ into a new city. Like the Melbourne church it began with a small Bible study of 9 adults meeting in a living room in January 2013. City on a Hill: Geelong is well placed to grow with our city to serve it and love it and to see the name of Jesus honoured here as never before.

  • Melbourne


    City on a Hill: Melbourne meets in the heart of our great city, at Hoyts cinemas, Melbourne Central. Being so centrally located is not an opportunity we take for granted, but rather inspires us to be ambitious in knowing Jesus and making Jesus known. From this strategic position, we want to shine like who we are — a city set on a hill.

  • Melbourne East

    Melbourne East

    City on a Hill: Melbourne East is a church just now being built to know Jesus and make Jesus known in the east and southeast of Melbourne.

    We’re just getting started in gathering a mission-minded core team together who are passionate about shining the light of Christ in their neighbourhoods and networks. We’re meeting together to build community and are being trained and equipped in the gospel for effective mission.

    In the coming months we’ll be launching Gospel Communities around the south-east of Melbourne. Please join us in praying for the leaders of those groups, that they might be on the forefront of engagement in their local areas.

    We’re currently looking to secure a Sunday venue in the Chadstone area. This is a highly strategic location being near the centre of the population of Melbourne, and one that bridges the established inner-south east with the ever expanding growth corridors of the south eastern suburbs. If you know anyone disconnected from a church community in the area, let them know we’re here!

    Please be praying for the men and women that God is going to call to himself through this work. There are literally millions of people right across this region who need to know the beauty, truth and relevance of Jesus, and the saving power of his life, death and resurrection.

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  • Melbourne West

    Melbourne West

    City on a Hill: Melbourne West began in April 2014, at a crucial time in the history of the City on a Hill movement. The second plant out of the Melbourne church, West has drawn together a community of believers and seekers, eager to know Jesus and make Jesus known. In its 15 months, West has grown, and is now a family of nearly 180 adults, with a further 45 children. Gospel Communities are thriving, our City Kids ministry is bulging, and a church family of both strength and warmth has formed. We are well-placed, then, to step into the future, and embrace the work that God has called us to.