City on a Hill will continue to uphold the same mission that has led us since our inception:

To know Jesus, and make Jesus known.


Reach 10 Cities with the gospel of Jesus.

City on a Hill’s story and identity is richly tied to the city. From our beginnings at the James Squire brewery in the heart of the new Docklands precinct to the centre of Melbourne, and now to Geelong (Victoria’s second largest city) and Melbourne’s West, City on a Hill has taken the gospel into the heart of the urban environment, and has already begun reaching two cities with the gospel of Jesus. The “10 Cities” vision marks a key transition from our first strategic plan, “City Steps”, which served to develop our first location, City on a Hill Melbourne, and to begin our journey as a church-planting church plant. “10 Cities” lifts our eyes to the next horizon: reaching multiple cities with the gospel of Jesus.

Our vision will be pursued by raising up gospel hearted leaders who will plant healthy churches that will reach and serve cities with the gospel of Jesus. By reaching 10 Cities, we don’t simply think in terms of a single church plant in a single urban area, but multiple churches working together to serve, reach and bless the city.


City on a Hill will need to re-orientate its focus, funding and oversight towards the key strategic priorities that will serve 10 Cities.

To this end, three strategic priorities have been identified.

Leading and Planting Healthy Churches
Raising up church planting pastors and leadership teams together with building the capacity, knowledge and systems that will enable City on a Hill to plant churches beyond our present scale and presence;
Supporting the Health of all Churches
Strengthening our shared ministry and operational capacity to serve and support the health of all City on a Hill churches whilst cultivating unity of purpose, vision and mission; and
Investing in the Health of our Churches Locally
Developing each City on a Hill church towards health, maturity and sustainability whilst articulating our common mission into each local church context.


Fundamental to our strategic priorities is church health. By ‘health’ we refer to City on a Hill’s distinctive ‘five flags’ which will be used both to define healthy church benchmarks and to inform aspirational goals at whole-of-church and local church level. The five flags being:

Biblical teaching and training;
Humble, courageous and sacrificial leadership;
Communities of life, love and mission;
Commitment to gospel growth; and
God-centred generosity.

City on a Hill’s staffing structures will be simplified and focussed into three key ‘arms’ to align directly with our strategic priorities: Church Planting (Priority I), Central (Priority II) and Local Churches (Priority III). Local Churches comprises all existing locations (Melbourne, Geelong, West) and the new locations as they are planted. Central comprises the shared ministry and operational support staff who together serve all locations, cultivating unity and health across City on a Hill.

The Church Planting arm will undertake to build specific staffing and structures that will support the planting of new City on a Hill churches and the raising up of leadership teams who will plant them. City on a Hill has been blessed by a unique “two-pillar” governance model resting on our twin identities as a Parish in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne and as an Acts29 Church Planting Church. We are led by a number of pastors (the Movement Pastors) with lay accountability (the Church Wardens and vestry).

Support the Vision

“10 Cities” presents a real and important challenge, and so, an opportunity for us all. We need you. To become reality “10 Cities” needs your wisdom and prayers, your active participation, and your financial provision.

We invite you to prayerfully consider what you could give towards this vision today.